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An exploration of collage and art journaling, emphasizing the power of the playful

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Desk Organization

I like to have supplies out and handy because they inspire me. I found it problematic to pull everything out, just to put it away. This created the desire for decorative, rather than utilitarian storage. I still have overflow and lots of extras in the supply closet. I only tidy up after I'm done. I refuse to be afraid of a temporary mess! I have collected milk glass for awhile on the cheap. It had been sitting in a cabinet, so I took some out to put my sponges in, on the shelf. The white Fire-King dish rocks because it has dividers built in for bits-and-bobs. The lotion, powder, and candles are there because of the colour, but I enjoy using them in a room they weren't intended for.
The little bathroom shelf holds pads of distress ink, walnut inks, 2oz. paints, and tattered angel sprays. The oval turquoise glass bowl has birds in relief on the outside and it is holding my bone folders and paper tweezers.The pink champagne saucer is holding round Italian paper clips from Cavallini. The ribbons are on a towel rack from Homegoods. The heart shaped dish is Mikasa and purchased from Ross. The butterfly tray is John Derian for Target, and the glass dish is also his, from a fancy boutique in NYC.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Velvet, thanks for stopping by my blog. I love yours. All the collectables you have are dear to my heart too. I can't walk by a second hand shop without going in and making a quick search. I too, keep them on display in a useful fashion. I have some old cup and saucers that I love using for my jewerly. That's one of my most favourite things is to find a use for treasures.
    I am wondering where this class is going to take me also. So many people all learning and growing at once. Pretty incredible.
    See you in class. I'm really behind I will be doing alot of reading tonight.
    ciao for now....carol